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How do you qualify for social security disability

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לבנת פורן

Qualifying for and winning social security disability has become a nightmare for many individuals. Many people that have worked their entire lives and paid into the system are being denied the benefits that they deserve.

You have nothing to be ashamed of because you become severely disabled and can’t hold down a job anymore. Don’t wait to file and hire yourself a social security lawyer to help you get the application process started from the beginning. You might have to fight with these people for years to get the benefits you deserve. An SS lawyer is your best ally in getting your benefits started.

How Do You Qualify For Social Security Disability

In order to file for benefits, you have to know how the system works. The social security system is overburdened with an enormous caseload. This is one major reason why it takes so long to get anything done.

How do you qualify for social security disability if the system is overburden? You need as many documents as possible of the items listed below. All of them should be turned into your lawyer so he can file all the necessary paper work for you.

  • Medical records.
  • Employment history.
  • Job Duties you performed.
  • Financial records of current assets and income.
  • Documented evidence of continued physician visits.
  • Medical evidence if you are attending a mental health facility.
  • Doctor’s approval on record that you are disabled.
  • Psychiatric approval on record that you have mental problems.
  • Family member’s approval on record that you can’t work.
  • Documentation from you on pain you have.
  • Documentation from you on all medications that you are currently taking.
  • Updates on any new physician visits or medications during the process.
  • Updates on any new health issues happening during the disability process.

Hiring a lawyer from the start and having all the information above on file will help you get your claim approved faster. Social Security likes to see evidence to support your claim. The more evidence that you can provide on your case helps them in making a quicker decision on whether you are disabled.

How The Process Works

This is the protocol that social security uses when claimants file a disability case to receive benefits. Knowing what takes place in the process will help you realize how long it may take. It can be a long process taking from months to years.

  • Your lawyer will file your application with social security with all the documentation listed above. It might take several months to learn of the results. Most claimants are denied at this stage. Don’t give up by getting discouraged.
  • An appeal by your lawyer will be sent to social security for review. If they decide against approval, another denial will be sent out in mail to you. This might take several months.
  • On the third part of the process, your lawyer will have your case moved forward into Disability Adjudication for a judge to decide your claim. This could be another long wait of a year or more due to so many claims being on backlog. If the law judge is satisfied with all the records and feels you are disabled, he will most likely approve your case.
  • If the judge denies your benefits, your lawyer can file an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council. They can either reward your claim or deny it. If your claim is denied, they will send it back through disability adjudication for the judge to examine the claim again.

The advantages of having good documentation of your case and physicians claiming you are unable to work will help get your claim approved. Many people make the mistake of not filing all the required documents to begin with and waste months waiting. Good medical documentation is the key to winning your case.

Using the services of medical rights centers like Poran (לבנת פורן) Center help to get Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for people. Mental health facilities can be favorable to helping people get approved for Social Security disability.

Remember to document everything that happens to you during your claim process. Every piece of evidence that you can add to help your lawyer win your case will be an advantage for you getting those benefits.

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